Investment Proposition

In the first half of 2015, HSW invested in a global rebrand, committing an approximately 38% increase in marketing spend towards launching Hostelworld’s ‘Meet The World’ brand proposition. This brand and marketing investment is expected to continue globally, across all relevant regions with tailored strategic for specific markets. HSW’s marketing strategy is focussed around the consumer. Therefore to reach its target demographic, HSW will focus primarily on 4 key marketing channels: (i) digital, (ii) social and brand partnerships (iii) CRM and (iv) brand.

As part of its ‘mobile-first’ strategy, HSW will continue to invest in its in-house iOS and Android product development teams. HSW has over 1.4m app downloads (as of 30th June 2015) and intends to build on its successful app platforms. HSW also intends to work closely with accommodation providers, providing more flexible pricing solutions, promotional deals and exploring new revenue streams.

As part of HSW’s geographic expansion, the group is increasingly focused on growth in the Asian market. The group will seek to continue build on its momentum in the Asian markets through the implementation of tailored growth strategies, including dedicated personnel in each market as well as implementing market-specific payment technologies.

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